Minimum wage vs. minimal remuneration


What if a full-time employee does not earn the minimum remuneration  as a result of working hours?

Then the employer is obligated to equalize the salary to the amount of the minimum wage, i.e. in 2022 to PLN 3010. The compensation refers to each hour of work and is the difference resulting from the rate of pay and the rate resulting from the division of the minimum wage.

Minimum wage, sole proprietorship and civil law contracts

The minimum remuneration  does not cover self-employed people, as well as a person employed under a mandatory contract. However, as of 2017, the minimum wage on a mandatory contract and a contract for the provision of services applies. It too is valorized every year, in 2022 it is the amount of PLN 19.70. Of course, in the case of civil law contracts, there is no obligation to equalize the salary to the national minimum, even if this amount is lower and results from the number of working hours.