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UHR activist

Inna came to Poland after the Russian aggression in Ukraine had begun. She boasts extensive experience in effective interpersonal communication, possesses a strong sense of empathy, and is injustice intolerant. Her passion lies in uniting individuals towards a common objective. She admires unconventional approaches in resolving situations, and believes that perseverance and intelligence are the driving force behind change for the better. Optimism and the ability to see the beauty around her is her ultimate superpower. She practices yoga, plays mafia and quiz games, and enjoys walking around the city.

UHR activist

Master in psychology, has been working in the profession for 13 years. She comes from Berezan near Kyiv and currently lives in Konstancin-Jeziorna. Mariana came to Poland because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. She works as a psychologist at the Crisis Intervention Center and Children Hub. For 2 years, she has volunteered to organize training and retreats addressed to various social groups. The idea that ignites her heart is equal opportunities and rights for everyone, regardless of origin. Among her professional goals, she mentions the widespread availability of psychological consultations and mental and physical health care. In addition to work, she is interested in learning Polish, writing and painting watercolours.

UHR activist

He comes from Grodno. By training, he is a renewable energy professional. At UHR, he works on the ground, talks with you on the helpline, leaflets and encourages you to join a trade union. Interested in music, football and plays bass in a band. He has a dog named Sztysik, who he says is the best.

UHR activist

Born in Grodno, currently lives in Warsaw. He completed his bachelor’s studies at the Faculty of Sociology at the University of Warsaw. He previously received a presidential scholarship for academic achievements. We are sure you know his voice from our helpline. Among his professional goals, he mentions helping people, changing the socio-legal situation of refugees and migrants, and supporting employees in organizing themselves. He is interested in history, film, and literature and likes cats (he has one) and dogs (he also has one).

UHR activist

She joined the UHR team to use her skills to support people who moved to Poland because of the war. In our team, she deals with communications. He comes from Ukraine, from Zhytomyr. She came to Poland to study – she is in her last year of psychology at the University of Warsaw. She specializes in supporting personality development. She has completed coaching training. In addition, she is interested in the psychology of creativity and examines how artistic activity affects our well-being. She likes to see it for herself – she spends her free time drawing, dancing, claying and writing.

UHR activist

She has dealt with refugees and migration since 2015, when she was part of the Refugees Welcome Wrocław Coalition. She graduated in sociology from the University of Warsaw and has the competence of an intercultural assistant. She is currently studying migration. In the team, she takes care of the website, coordinates text translations, and deals with the research. She wants everyone to be able to cross the border safely in search of a better life and to be supported in finding themselves in a new place.

Anna Moszczyńska
Lawyer supporting the UHR team

She has extensive experience in matters related to the legalization of foreigners’ stay in Poland. She also dealt with labour law and investment law. She graduated with a Master’s degree in Law from the European Higher School of Law and Administration in Warsaw. He participates in the doctoral program in the field of constitutional law at the Institute of Polish Science, Polish Academy of Sciences.

Coordinator of the UHR team

A native of Warsaw from a migrant family. She graduated in art and art theory and was a culinary educator for many years. After Russia attacked Ukraine, she became involved in helping those who came from Ukraine and those who remained on its territory. She assisted, among others, in accommodation, transport and collections. She also ran a local help desk with Free Dressing Room on Podchorążych 20. Ceramics, feeding people and climbing are her favourite activities

Coordinator of the UHR team

A native of Warsaw, a long-term activist, educator and socio-cultural animator. For 20 years, he has been socially active, among others, for refugees and other excluded groups. For more than fifteen years, he has been a member of trade unions, first for a few years of emigration and now in Poland. He has collaborated with several of the most prominent Polish NGOs. Since its beginning, he has co-founded the Antifascist Coalition and one of Warsaw’s alternative culture centres. He is fascinated by information technologies and their complex impact on society.

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