Occupational health and safety training – how often should it be refreshed?

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Employers should provide clean and safe places to work. They need to teach workers about safety before they start and while they’re working. This training is crucial for everyone’s safety. If a boss doesn’t give this training, they might have to pay a fine. Worse, someone could get hurt. Workers need to follow these safety rules, no matter their job.

Every worker, including interns and vocational students, needs safety training. This training happens during work hours and doesn’t cost the employee anything. If someone signs a new contract for same job just with the same company, they don’t have to go through the training again.

Types of Safety Training:

1. Starting-Out Training:

  • General Training: This helps workers learn the main safety rules and how to give first aid. Some people who can teach this are safety officers, skilled workers, or the boss.
  • Job-Specific Training: This training is all about a worker’s specific job. It helps them understand their work area, how to do their job safely, and any risks. If something big changes in their job, they might need more training. The boss or a supervisor usually teaches this. After the training, workers might have a test. They also get a training record that they need to sign.

2. Regular Check-In Training:

  • This training is a routine check to keep everyone safe. It’s for bosses, supervisors, workers, engineers, office staff, and pretty much everyone. After this training, there’s a test. Workers who pass get a certificate.
  • If the boss can’t have this training during regular hours, and it is additionally organised, workers still get paid for it.
  • How often is this training? It depends on the job. Some need it every year, some every three years, some every five years, and some every six years. Some office workers might not need any periodic trainings .

If someone’s had this kind of training somewhere else recently, they might not need it again.

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