With the people forced to flee the war-torn country in mind, we launched the Unions Help Refugees project, aiming to support the migrants in a conscious and full-fledged navigating of the Polish job market.

Our team helps the people of Ukraine. We are a part of CEOC – Central Europe Organizing Centre. As an organisation that supports the creation and actions of trade unions, among others in Poland, we think everybody shall enjoy the same rights, regardless of origin, education or gender. That is why we launched a project in support of the workers of Eastern Europe.

We speak Ukrainian and Russian and can advise you on the legal stay, registration and work of refugees in Poland.

Contact us, if:

  • you need help with the Labuor law
  •  you doubt whether your contract is right
  •  you don’t know whether what has been offered to you is fair
  •  you want a legal job
  •  you want equal treatment and respect for your rights
  •  you wish to negotiate work conditions
  •  you want to feel safe in the workplace

What do we do?

  • we work together with the existing humanitarian organisations
  •  we share and promote information about workers’ rights
  •  we run a helpline where you can seek a legal and practical advise

If you work in Poland – join trade unions, organise and help others!

More about COEC

Unions Help Refugees is a project run by CEOC Foundation. The Foundation is an initiative of the Uniglobal – Trade Union Federation.

We organise and strengthen trade unions in Central and Eastern Europe. We cooperate with international organisations and trade unions to secure workers’ rights and help them organise.

CEOC is an independent and politically neutral non-governmental institution that brings together organisers and trainers who practised organising campaigns and engaged in supporting the growth of trade unions. CEOC aims to ally with trade unions across countries to improve working conditions and stop social dumping.

We believe we can change the quality of work and life of thousands of people and the socio-political reality.