Unions Help Refugees is an organisation helping Ukrainian workers to fight for their rights on the Polish labour market.

We run a free helpline for Ukrainian workers in Ukrainian and Russian. You can call us from Sunday to Thursday between 4 and 7 pm or email pomoc@uhr.org.pl or contact us via our social media.

Contact us if:

  • you want to understand what your rights are at work
  • you have doubts about the contract you received
  • you do not know if the working conditions you have been offered are fair
  • you want to negotiate your working conditions
  • your employer has deceived you and is owing you money
  • you have been discriminated against in the workplace.

We will advise you on possible steps in your situation and provide a lawyer’s consultation when necessary.

Our project works under the Central and Eastern European Organising Center (COZZ). COZZ is an independent, politically neutral non-governmental organisation that aims to strengthen and organise trade unions in Central and Eastern Europe.

The COZZ Foundation was set up on the initiative of the European trade union federation UNI EUROPA.

Unions Help Refugees