One-off compensation for an accident at work or occupational disease

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If you’ve been hurt permanently or for a long time because of an accident at work, you could get a one-time payment. The same goes for families if their loved one passed away from a work accident or illness. To ask for this payment, wait until after all medical treatment and rehab. But if you’re asking for a deceased person, you can do it any time.

The amount you get depends on how much you were hurt. You’ll get 20% of the average salary for each percent you’re hurt. For example, if you lose a tooth in a work accident (counted as 1% hurt), you’ll get 1,133 PLN in 2022. Bigger injuries, like serious damage to your neck, could get you tens of thousands of zlotys.

To get this payment, apply to ZUS.The complete documentation includes a request for a one-off compensation, a post-accident report along with the documentation, prepared and approved by the workplace, and an OL-9 form completed by the doctor, containing an annotation that treatment and rehabilitation have been completed. The application must be submitted through the contribution payer – usually the employer.

In the case of a person conducting non-agricultural and other activities, for example on B2B contract you need to apply to ZUS on your own.

But there are times when you might not get paid:

  • If the accident was your fault because you broke safety rules, were drunk, or on drugs. (Except if someone died in the accident)
  • If you owe money to ZUS when you apply. If you don’t clear your debt within 6 months, you might lose your chance at the payment. This only applies to B2B contractors.

If you disagree with ZUS’s decision, you can appeal. Write to the local labor court through ZUS within a month of getting the decision. This process won’t cost you anything.

And if you need help or have questions about the whole thing, you can reach out to ZUS by phone, email, or visit them.

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