Privacy Policy

Your privacy matters to us. This page provides information about all the data we collect and the possibilities of restricting or deleting it. As our systems evolve, this page will be updated continuously.

The site uses its own analytics tool – Matomo. We collect a small amount of standard data that never leaves our server and is under no circumstances shared with any third party. Unless your browser already does, you can choose not to collect this data;

You may choose to prevent this website from aggregating and analyzing the actions you take here. Doing so will protect your privacy, but will also prevent the owner from learning from your actions and creating a better experience for you and other users.

  1. Background information
    1. This policy applies to the Website, operating at the following URL:
      Operator’s contact e-mail address: kontakt(@)
    2. The website operator and the data administrator is:
      ul. Szpitalna 5 lok. 5, 00-031 Warsaw, NIP: 525-26-86-376.
    3. The Operator is the Administrator of your data concerning the data provided voluntarily on the Website.
    4. The website uses personal data for the following purposes:
      1. Handling of enquiries via the form
      2. Contacting Applicants
      3. Presentation of the organization and information on the activities
      4. Ad hoc collection of basic data on the use of the website.
    5. The website obtains information about users and their behaviour in the following way:
      1. Through the data entered voluntarily in forms that feed into the Operator’s systems.
      2. The Website stores a cookie only for the language settings, which, following the GDPR, does not require messages or separate consent.
  2. Selected methods of data protection used by the Operator
    1. The places of logging in and entering personal data are protected in the transmission layer (SSL certificate). Thanks to this, personal and login data are encrypted on the user’s computer and can be read only on the target server.
    2. Personal data stored in the database is encrypted in a way that makes it readable only to the Operator who owns the encryption key. That means the data is unavailable even to the technical administrators of the server we rent. It protects the data in case of the database leaks from the server.
    3. User passwords are stored in a hash form. The hash function works one way – it is impossible to reverse its operation, which is a modern standard in the field of storing user passwords.
    4. The Operator periodically changes its administrative passwords.
    5. To protect the data, the Operator regularly performs security copies.
    6. An important element of data protection is the regular update of all software the Operator uses to process personal data, which in particular means regular updates of programming components.
  3. Hosting
    1. The service is hosted (technically maintained) on servers of a provider specialized in data privacy 1984. You can find its privacy policy on the relevant page.
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