Changes in the Act on Foreigners

How Can We Help?

On April 7, 2023, new changes were made to the Foreigner Law. These changes match EU updates and change the roles of the Office for Foreigners.

What changed?

  1. Some tasks that the Head of the Office for Foreigners used to do will now be done by the Border Guard.
  2. The Border Guard will decide things like:
    • When foreigners should leave.
    • Giving them more time to leave.
    • Giving permits for special stays or humanitarian reasons.
    • Changing or giving out specific documents.
    • Sending a foreigner to another EU country.
    • Asking an EU citizen or their family to leave.
  3. If a foreigner’s case was already being looked at when the changes took place, the Office for Foreigners will finish it.

Appeals and Leaving:

  • If someone doesn’t agree with a decision, they have 7 days to appeal.
  • If a foreigner is told to leave, they get at least 8 days to do it.

Coming Back:

  • After being told to leave, a foreigner might not be allowed back for up to 10 years, especially if they pose a risk.
  • But, if they’re expected to follow rules, they might be allowed back to Poland and other Schengen countries.

New Rules about Long-Term Stays:

  • To stay long-term, you now need to show you know Polish at a B1 level.
  • There will be ways to prove this, and they’ll be listed in a new rule.

Changes for Students and Research:

Some places like research institutes don’t need special permission to let foreigners study there anymore.

Help for Belarusians:

There will be new rules to help Belarusians in Poland. Some Belarusians can get a Polish travel document for free. Also, there will be an easier way to get this document, especially for those who have trouble getting documents from their home country. These changes will start on June 1, 2023, but they need final approval from the Interior Minister first.

Electronic Document for Ukrainians:

Ukrainian parents can get an electronic document for their children. It will show they have a special number and it also serves as a stay document.

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