Recently, UHR organized a training program for consultants and specialists of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) working with Ukrainian refugees in Poland. The program, attended by 60 participants, was held in three major Polish cities: Warsaw, Rzeszów and Poznan. The training in Warsaw was also attended by consultants, representatives of The Ukrainian House in Warsaw and staff of the Ukrainian Consulate. The training program focused on practical and relevant issues of labour law.

How did the training go?
Participants delved into the essentials of labour relations and gained valuable knowledge about tools to support employees in their struggle for proper working conditions. One of the critical issues was cooperation with trade unions, as they are the best solution for quick problem-solving in the Polish reality, where the proceedings in the labour court can easily drag on for 2-3 years even before the first hearing, which is an unattractive prospect for refugees
A comprehensive overview of labour law principles was supported by real-life examples from our practice, which allowed the participants to hone their problem-solving skills. Participants practised identifying problems and violations in work-related scenarios and developing and sharing their practical solutions.

The feedback from the participants was overwhelmingly positive. They expressed their deep appreciation for the training, emphasizing that it helped them systematize their knowledge and provided practical skills. One of the participants, a lawyer from a consulate, noted that she had never participated in such an exciting and informative labour law training program before. Particularly important for UHR is that the participants also demonstrated a keen interest in trade unions, gaining valuable insights into their functioning in Poland and their potential impact on workers’ livelihoods.
UHR also developed a comprehensive manual based on the training for the consultants to use in their work. This manual will serve as a practical guide, including procedural instructions and consolidating the knowledge gained.