On 15-16 October, the first UHR training took place: “Leaders of Tomorrow: Immigration and Labour Law. How to protect yourself, what you need to know and how to help others”.

Our team organised the training for refugees working or planning to work in Poland.

On the first day, we got to know each other and sought answers to questions: What is essential about labour law in Poland? What are the specifics and traps of employment contracts? Where to go if your rights are violated? All information was supported by comments and answers from an experienced lawyer.

On the second day, we learnt how to organise ourselves at the workplace. How to work together to protect our rights and help others. After all, doing good and achieving results through joint efforts is vital and much more effective. We also learnt about the specifics of building trade union links.

These were special two days for our team and for the participants. We are confident this is the beginning of a new stage and practical cooperation!