According to the latest data from the Ministry of Family and Social Policy, which emerged at the end of June, the number of Ukrainian men and women fleeing the war who have taken up employment in Poland has grown to 260,000 ☝️

With ✔️ 617.6 thousand Ukrainians aged 18 to 65 who registered in the PESEL system after 24 February, it can be estimated that ❗️42% of working-age Ukrainians have already taken up work in Poland.

Experts who see the dynamics of this process say that the number of Ukrainians who took up work in Poland after 24 February is increasing. By comparison, as recently as the beginning of June, the employment rate was below 35%. Experts predict that the rate may soon exceed 50%. ☝️

The largest number of people have been employed in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship (35 thousand), the Wielkopolskie Voivodeship (15.9 thousand) and Lower Silesia (17 thousand). They find work primarily in trade, care services or warehouses.

The Ministry’s data may have changed and does not reflect the current real situation, for example it counts all persons who found work and were reported to PUPs (State Labour Offices), but it does not contain information on what percentage of these workers are still economically active. There is also no information on how many people are employed illegally, in agriculture or on the basis of a contract for work. Critics argue that these figures are nevertheless worth taking into account.