Employee’s right to breaks

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If an employee works at least 6 hours a day, they get a 15-minute break. Starting from 26 April 2023:

  • If they work more than 9 hours, they get another 15-minute break.
  • If they work more than 16 hours, they get a third 15-minute break.

All these breaks count as part of the workday. Breaking these rules can get the employer fines between PLN 1,000 to PLN 30,000.

It doesn’t matter whether you are employed on full-time or part-time; it’s about how long do you work in a given day. Both full-time and part-time workers can get these breaks if they work long enough hours in a day.

Breaks are based on how long you actually work, not just your planned hours. For example, if you were scheduled for 4 hours but worked 6 hours because of extra work, you get a break. But, if you’re scheduled for 8 hours and leave after 5 hours, you won’t get that break. If an employee works overtime, their supervisor should make sure they take their breaks. Ideally, breaks should be taken during the workday and not right at the end.

Legal basis: Article 134 of the Labour Code

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