A week ago, we were approached by a three-man construction team. After their contract had been terminated, the boss refused to pay their outstanding wages for a month and a half of work.

The workers were employed at a construction site near Gdansk and were satisfied with the working conditions – but the boss decided to send them to another construction site in a completely different part of Poland. The workers had heard that health and safety conditions were poor at this work location. The team refused to go, but the boss was very stubborn – so they decided to terminate the contract.

Annoyed, the boss refused to pay their wages. The team felt cheated. This is what prompted them to contact the UHR team.

So we decided to immediately prepare a complaint to the State Labour Inspectorate. However, before sending it, we spoke to their former boss and negotiated a ‘humane’ solution. 🤝

The company was frightened by the inspection and paid all the outstanding money the next day. Each person was paid £3850 each – so in total we defended eleven and a half thousand honestly earned money❗️.

If this story is similar to one that happened to you or someone you know, but you thought it wouldn’t work or it wouldn’t be worth trying to fight, now you know that it is always worth it, because in addition to the possibility of filing a complaint with the National Labour Inspectorate or taking the case to court, there is also the UHR team, an organisation that helps absolutely free of charge in cases involving employee rights.