Some time ago, Ms. Svetlana contacted us because her employer cheated her. Thanks to our intervention, the dishonest boss had to return her money.
She and her husband were not paid for the hours they worked. They had been working through an employment agency for over a month without a contract. When they did not get the promised full-time job because of insufficient work, Ms. Svetlana resigned. She informed the manager of this. However, when it was time to receive the payment… the company chose not to pay the full salary. As the agency manager explained her decision, “This is a punishment for quitting early”. Ms Svetlana was distressed by the whole situation. She felt cheated.
After learning the details of the case, we decided to react. We went with Ms. Svetlana to a meeting with the employer. Despite a polite conversation, the employer was extremely rude and did not want to pay the money. He said that “the employees have a lot of things wrong with them” and “this is their punishment for disobedience”. Interestingly, the contract mentioned no penalty simply because it hadn’t existed. The employer did not even recognise Ms Svetlana. He was not interested in any constructive arguments, neither referring to empathy nor related to the labour law‼️😤
We decided to send a pre-court request for payment. Fearing the law, the cleaning company paid the money after receiving the letter, and the case ended successfully. Ms. Svetlana told us that, in addition, the company signed contracts with all employees within a week! So, our intervention positively impacted not only Ms. Svetlana’s situation but also the situation of the rest of the workers! ✊
If the story described above is similar to what happened to you or someone you know, but the thought crossed your mind that it wouldn’t work or it wouldn’t be worth trying to fight, now you know that it is always worth it because, in addition to the possibility of filing a complaint with the State Labour Inspectorate or taking the case to court, there is also the UHR team, an organisation that helps absolutely free of charge in matters related to workers’ rights.
📢A so call or write to us; we will always try to help!