Today, we will share with you a life story with a beautiful ending! Our hotline was contacted by Nadia, who worked in a chain of one of the city’s well-known bakeries. She had worked for umowa-zlecenia (contract of mandate) for several months.
Nadia found out she was pregnant and immediately informed her employer. The “congratulations” came in the form of dismissal the very next day.

Was the dismissal lawful? What should Nadiya do now?

As a team, we analysed the terms and conditions and found out
The young woman was working on a contract of mandate. Unfortunately, this type of employment does not guarantee that a pregnant woman cannot be dismissed.
The manager should have met the notice period for dismissal. According to the contract, the employee had to work another 2 weeks after receiving the notice. If she leaves work immediately, she has to pay PLN 2000. In Nadiya’s case, the employer had to pay this money.

So, on our recommendation, she turned to the coordinator with a request to pay her PLN 2000. And the management did it!

This is an excellent example of the need to seek help. Important! Always read the contract!