Hi! Are you from Eastern Europe, currently living and working in Poland? Or maybe you want to take up a job here? We are here to help.

We are a team helping refugees from the East. We’re operating within the framework of the Trade Union Organization Center, funded by the headquarters of UNI Global Union. For the trade union movement, peace, protection of the rights and dignity of all workers, regardless of their background, are essential. We want every migrant to be able to join a trade union. We want every male and female worker to have equal rights in the workplace. Our demand is simple: Organize, join, help others! 

Don’t hesitate to contact us for advice. We will guide you and provide you with advice on where to look for relevant information or specialized help concerning e.g. labour law or psychological help.

Contact us if: 
– you need legal help concerning the provisions of labour law;
– you have doubts about the contract you have received;   
– you do not know if the proposed working conditions are fair;   
– you want legal employment;    
– you want equal treatment and respect for your rights;    
– you want to negotiate your working conditions;   
– you want to feel safe in your workplace.