The two most popular forms of employment in Poland – under an employment contract and under a mandate agreement.

✅ Employment contract

Employee rights in the case of employment contracts are regulated by the Labor Code.
The employment contract guarantees:

  • 📌 Minimum salary (3010 PLN gross, or 2364 PLN net);
  • 📌 sickness and health insurance;
  • 📌 The right to paid vacation leave of no less than 20 days per year;
  • 📌 right to maternity leave and leave on demand;
  • 📌 the right to compensation for overtime work;

An employee employed under a contract of employment has specific hours and place of work and instructions from the employer regarding the work to be performed.

✅ Mandate agreement.

Employee rights are governed by the Civil Code
The mandate agreement fills in:

  • 📌 a minimum hourly rate (19.70 PLN gross or 14.47 net);
  • 📌 Right to maternity leave only if enrolled in voluntary sickness insurance;
  • 📌 sickness insurance is voluntary and contributions are paid by the employee.

The mandate agreement does NOT provide:

  • Paid annual leave;
  • The right to leave on demand;
  • overtime compensation.

An employee employed under a mandate agreement has flexible hours and does not have a specific work location.
A mandate agreement can be terminated at any time.