The amount stated on the contract is usually the gross salary amount. This is the total remuneration, which will then be reduced by due benefits (income tax, social security contributions in the part charged to the employee).

According to Polish labor law in 2022 the minimum wage is PLN 3010 per month or PLN 19.70 per hour.
Important! Gross remuneration must be written on your contract. If you have not noticed the remuneration record please contact us – we will consult it!
Net salary is the amount that the employee receives after deducting the due benefits.
According to the labor law in 2022, the minimum net amount is 2363.56 PLN per month, or 14.91 PLN per hour.

Where do the differences between gross and net come from?
The simplest answer – from taxes and contributions.
To calculate how much you will get “on hand” – use the online calculator: