Right to equal pay


Employees have the right to equal pay for equal work or work of an identical value. What is like work (jednakowa praca) and work of equal value (praca o jednakowej wartości)?

Like work is work that is the same. It involves similar tasks requiring similar knowledge and skills, conditions, quantity and quality.

The same type of work or the same position does not determine the same remuneration, because the performance may be different, for example, in terms of diligence, workload, and timeliness.

Work of equal value involves comparable professional qualifications, certified by documents provided for in separate provisions or by practice and professional experience, and comparable responsibility and effort.

That means the employer can pay two department managers differently when one of whom maintains a permanent crew and the other makes people leave often. But it should not differentiate the salary of two workers working on the assembly line.

The remuneration includes all remuneration components, regardless of their name or characteristics, plus other work-related benefits guaranteed to employees in cash or non-cash. The awards are therefore part of the remuneration under the non-discrimination provisions, although, unlike bonuses, they are discretionary.