Company trade union organisation in action


The tasks of the company trade union include:

  • supporting individual employee rights, especially the employment relationship’s sustainability. For example, the employer must consult a trade union before firing a worker if they are a trade union member or have applied to it for protection. The opinion of the unions is not binding to the employer tho. However, suppose the employer repeatedly refuses to cooperate. In that case, the employee may challenge the validity of the notice in the Labour Court.
  • exercising control over compliance with the labour law in the workplace, including those related to occupational health and safety,
  • the employer must get the opinion of the company trade union if he wants to sack somebody in disciplinary mode;
  • cooperation with the National Labour Inspectorate and managing the Social Labour Inspectorate, tracking the life conditions of pensioners (art. 26 of the Act on Trade Unions).

Other rights:

  • the right to determine the working schedule, leave plan,
  • the right to cocreate internal company acts, i.e. terms and conditions, remuneration regulations, company regulations of the social benefits fund,
  • the right to conduct collective bargaining and to conclude collective agreements,
  • the right to conduct legal strikes under the Act on Collective Dispute Resolution,
  • the right to control compliance with labour law and health and safety regulations and rules,
  • the right to run a business,
  • the right to represent employees’ interests internationally,
  • the right to express opinions on the drafts of legal acts in their field, the draft of the state budget, and budget law.